The exalted art of stamp collection, preparations of exhibits, research and development of a storyline, all contribute to the depth and extent of 'Philately'.

Indian philately is well respected around the world, not only because of the incredible richness of content, but also because of the scholarly handling and presentation by the veterans in this field.

India Post, a UPU member nation, is committed for development of philately. The global template for this is the WADP, the World Association for the Development of Philately, which consists of different groups representing philatelists, dealers, journalists, catalogue publishers and security printers along with postal administrators.

This highlights and supports the idea that philately requires multi- stakeholder engagement.

The need for creating Kolkata Philatelic Club emanates from this idea. The West Bengal Postal Circle, consisting of the state of Sikkim and the Central Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands along with the state of West Bengal is bestowed with an
  incomparable gift of historical narrative that gave birth to the modern nation we are living in today.

A postage stamp is the mirror of the society it represents. It is also a language of the collective aspiration of the people.

Kolkata Philatelic Club is being launched by the West Bengal Circle, Department of Posts, as a meeting ground where the best minds from philately, science, arts, literature, conservation, all come together, engage among themselves and also with the young enthusiasts, and lay down a path for development of philately in West Bengal Circle. Infusion of the young blood in the field of stamp collection, exhibition, etc. is vital for the future of philately. That's why we have decided to give membership to Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana award winners every year, while the youth category medallists from the previous state level exhibition also been included.

We are sure that this Club will be a storehouse of brilliant ideas, creativity, serious and in-depth discussions and research that will help the Postal Circle in carrying out philately planning and development.


The Kolkata Philatelic Club shall function with the following structure: -

(a) Chairman
(b) Vice - Chairman
(c) Secretary
(d) Financial Advisor to Chairman
  -Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle
-Post Master General (Mails and BD)
-Post Master General (Kolkata Region)
-General Manager (Postal Accounts & Finance),West Bengal Circle.
(e) Honorary Secretaries   -Postmaster General (North Bengal Region)
-Postmaster General (South Bengal Region)
-Postmaster General (A & N Islands Region)
(f) Deputy Secretaries   -Director of Postal Services (HQ)
-Director of Postal Services (Kolkata Region)
-Director of Postal Services (North Bengal Region)
-Director of Postal Services (Sikkim)
-Director of Postal Services (South Bengal Region)
(g) Convenor
(h) Academic Advisor (Philately)
(i) Registrar
(j) Treasurer/Cashier
(k) Accountant
(l) PRO of the Club
(m) Auditor
  -Director, Kolkata GPO
-Shri Dipak Dey, Sr. Philatelist
-ADDPO (Philatelic Bureau), Kolkata GPO
-In-charge of Philatelic Bureau, Kolkata GPO
-AAO(BD), Kolkata GPO
-Shri Dulal Das, PA, Philatelic Bureau, Kolkata GPO
-Accounts Officer, ICO (SB), Kolkata Region
(n) Technical Support   -J.E. (Electrical), Postal Electrical Sub Division-I
-J.E. (Civil), Postal Civil Sub Division-ll
(o) Members   (i) Representatives of various Departments and Organizations of Government of India.
(ii) Representatives of various Departments and Organizations of State Government and other organisations

(p) Youth Members - namely the 1st and 2nd prize winner of Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana, held every year in the West Bengal Circle and namely the 1st and 2nd prize medallists of the youth category of the State Level Exhibition held in the previous year.

(q) Nominated Members from different Philatelic Clubs of the Circle, viz. Murshidabad Philatelic Club, Calcutta Collector's Club, Durgapur Philatelic Club, Alpine Philatelic & Numismatic Society, Darjeeling, Sikkim Philatelic and Numismatic Society, Himalayan Nlountaineering Institute, etc.

(r) Eminent Philatelists of the Circle.

(s) Eminent Personalities from the field of Science, Arts, Music, Literature, Film, Sports, etc.

(t) Heads of Educational Institutions and Institutes like Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata.

(u) Representatives of School Philatelic Clubs.

(v) Any other member with the permission of the Chairman.


Role and Function

(a) Kolkata Philatelic Club shall strive to promote and propagate 'Philately' in West Bengal Circle. It shall act as the apex advisory body for the Circle to propose issuance of new postage stamps, Special Covers, Picture Postcards, theme of 'My Stamp' sheets and other Philatelic ancillaries. Such proposals relating to issuance of Commemorative Stamps, if any shall be submitted before the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle for onward submission to the Postal Directorate with due concurrence.

(b) The Club shall facilitate and organize regular workshops, seminars and meetings and provide gifts and prizes for any philatelic activities in accordance with the objective of the Club. They shall also advice for holding of State/District/ School - College level philatelic exhibitions in the Circle.

(c) A philatelic library shall function in the Club.

(d) The Club shall print and publish any information relating to 'Philately'.

(e) The Club may accept sponsorship of any event in accordance with the objective of the Club.

(f) The Club may enter into any other contract that the Club considers necessary and desirable.
  (g) The Club shall hold committee meeting on monthly and quarterly basis.

(h) For the purpose of organizing Philatelic Workshops, Philatelic accessories like stamp collection album, perforation gaze scale, illuminated magnifying glass, etc. shall be arranged by the Club.

(i) The Registrar of the Club will overall monitor the functioning of the Club with the advice of the Chairman and Secretary of the Club.

(j) The Club, being the apex philatelic advisory body in West Bengal Circle, will provide affiliations to all Philatelic Club under West Bengal Circle.

(k) The Club shall encourage the formation of Philatelic Club in the schools, colleges and other academic institutions and act as the guiding body for the purpose of practice of 'Philately'.

(l) The Club shall be governed strictly by the rulings of the Club which may be amended from time to time as per approval of the Chairman.

Terms and Conditions of membership

(a) The Club shall have the following types of memberships:

      (i) Active membership - any person having residential address under the postal jurisdiction of West Bengal Circle i.e. West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and nominated members of different Philatelic Clubs of West Bengal Postal Circle. Such category of members shall be liable to pay subscription as may be fixed by the Club.

      (ii) Honorary membership (representatives of various Organisations and Institutes)

      (iii) Youth Philatelists (namely 1st and 2nd prize winner of Deen Dayal Sparsh Yojana, held every year in the West Bengal Circle and namely 1st and 2nd prize winner of the youth category of the State Level Exhibition held in the previous year

(b) Every member shall be bound by the rulings of the Club.

(c) Every member shall be liable to pay quarterly subscription as may be fixed by the Club.

(d) Every member shall be entitled to all facilities provided by the Club.

(e) Any person having been involved in any unlawful activities shall be debarred from accepting membership of the Club.

(f) Club membership I-Card will be issued to all the members. Aadhar number is mandatory for obtaining Club I-Card.

(g) Entry to the Club will be on production of the membership I-card.

(h) Active Philatelic Deposit Account (PDA) is mandatory for all members of the Club.

(i) Any philatelist, artist, scholars may seek the written permission of the Secretary of the Club for use of conference facility, library and exhibition gallery subject to payment of fees as will be prescribed.

(j) Any academic/philatelic activity, meeting, workshop, lecture, etc. may be organized, subject to permission of the Secretary and due recommendation of the Convenor on payment of prescribed fees.

(k) Timing of the Club:

      (i) Monday to Friday --- 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM

      (ii) Saturday ------- 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM

      (iii) Sunday/Holidays closed.

(I) Events on Sunday/Holidays can be organized with permission of Secretary.



(a) Quarterly meetings of the Club shall be headed by the Chairman/Vice - Chairman.

(b) Monthly meetings of the Club shall be headed by the Secretary.



Address: Kolkata Philatelic Club, Kolkata GPO building, Kolkata-700001

Phone: (033) 2210-5022


For membership details, please visit us at:


Published by: Office of the Chief Postmaster General, West Bengal Circle, Department of Posts,
Yogayog Bhawan, Kolkata-700012




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